Customer of the MonthJanuary

Jennie Reid

Consistently improving from the day she has joined

Interview with Jennie Reid:

Why did you join CFD? 
I joined Dawn because my housemates dragged me in! I’d always ran and went to the gym so claimed I was pretty fit, then they absolutely annihilated me in the first workout!
What motivates you to keep coming back?   
Having so many goals to work on, both long and short term, and seeing any little signs of progress takes so much stress and negativity out of life and work. It’s amazing for mental health so I find any excuse to go to the box! 
What are your fitness goals for 2020? 
Improve my gymnastics and lifts so I can do more team competitions with my friends!
Message from Arend
Jennie has been consistently improving from the day she has joined. She is a hard worker that has become an integral part of the Dawn family! Well done Jennie on setting realistic goals and the smashing them to bits! Here is to a 2020 full of competitions and loads of awesome looking pull ups! Who knows, perhaps a Muscle up by the open? 

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