Jo Nesterowicz

Jo Nesterowicz


  • BSc Nutrition and Food Technology
  • MSc Nutrition and Food Evaluation – specialisation: Nutrition and Dietetics
  • PGDip Diet Coaching and Nutrition Psychology


Jo has always been passionate about health, fitness and nutrition.

She has been working in the industry since 2016 supporting both NHS and private patients in achieving their health and nutrition goals through lifestyle changes and advice backed by science, years of practice and personal experience.

Jo did her MSc in Nutrition and continued to a Postgraduate course in Diet Coaching and the Psychology of Nutrition. Since then, she has worked with people with various physical and mental conditions such as cancer, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, dementia, disordered eating, obesity and malnutrition. She believes that nutrition has a major effect on our physical and mental health and aims to support her clients in building lifelong healthy habits, eating well more consistently, learning more about nutrition and creating a healthy relationship with food.

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