"I loved the idea of being strong, getting in shape."


What’s your age?
How long have you been doing Crossfit?
Just about a year.

Who or what persuaded you to try?
Had some major changes in my life that pushed me to invest in myself before anyone else.

How often do you usually WOD a week?
5 times.
What did you think of Crossfit before you started doing it? Has that impression changed?
I don’t remember how I found out about crossfit in the first place but I fell in love with it. I loved the idea of being strong, getting in shape and still having an option to eat. Initially I thought coming to do crossfit would be an easy fix for my weight; but it is not as easy as people claim online. There is no quick fix! You get as much out as you put in during your workouts and it takes time to give your all. Impression changed in the sense that crossfit is not just about coming few times a week for your workouts. It is a package of community, friendships, hard work and nutrition(super important)outside of the box.

What keeps you coming back each week?
It sets me up for the day. Also, amazing feeling you get after finishing daily WOD.

Did you have a sporting background before? If so what? If not, what’s different about Crossfit?
I used to play basketball but other than that I had no love for sport. Crossfit is individual to each person’s abilities, some workouts are easier and some are harder.

What’s been your favourite favourite workout / exercise so far?
At the moment Grace.

What’s surprised you about Crossfit?
It is slowly taking over my life and my wardrobe.

What do you hope to achieve with Crossfit in 2017?
Get my first strict pull up/ push up.

If you could give only one piece of advice to a new crossfitter what would it be?
Just keep showing up

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