How we started a CrossFit gym in Stratford.

The DAWN of a New Gym

Before Crossfit Dawn Arend and Phil, CFD Founders, had a common goal: To help people learn how to improve their overall quality of life. After over a decade in traditional health and fitness, the most successful tool we found. was the properly applied Crossfit methodology. Having trained in and taught Crossfit since 2009, we saw the positive impact of both the method and it's community. However, as Crossfit got more popular, the original sense of community was diluted. We decided to open our own box in Forest Gate to bring the same high quality coaching we received, with a focus on building the original sense of community we were lucky enough to experience. Our first venue started in a small 1000 square ft ground floor location in Forest Gate, ironically located next to a bread factory. But the Crossfit Dawn community quickly outgrew it's original location and expanded out into a secondary unit, then within a few months our community had almost doubled again and we moved to our current location in Newham. Dawn has now expanded to 6000 square ft, allowing for multiple classes, more specialized coaching, and sport specific classes. Our original goal is still to keep helping people learn how to improve their mental and physical quality of life outside the gym, we use Crossfit at the gym as the mechanism to do it. We firmly believe that we can only rise by lifting others, and we want you to come rise with us. #werisebyliftingothers


We know walking through the door is the hardest part. You take the first step and we’ll meet you where you are.