"Just turn up. It’s worth it!"


What’s your age?

How long have you been doing Crossfit?
Started late April 16, so about 8 months.

Who or what persuaded you to try?
My good friend Shaun knew coach Arend through gym in the city. He told me I should go along to X-fit as it was opening in the area I live. I met Arend at Shaun’s B’day drinks and then stunned him when i actually showed up to class not to long after.

How often do you usually WOD a week?
I aim for 5 WOD’s plus lifting class. Some weeks life happens, as it does, and you get 4.

What did you think of Crossfit before you started doing it? Has that impression changed?
I honestly did not know an awful lot about crossfit before joining CrossFit Dawn, I knew it involved a mixture of lifting and cardio activity. I thought it looked hard and scary, and as someone who just flat out sucks at the usual gym experience, I thought I would be bollocks at it. Since joining, it is still damn hard, but it’s not scary at all, it is in-fact incredibly fun and rewarding.

What keeps you coming back each week?

First and foremost, seeing improvements. Looking at that board at the end of every session, seeing what you did, how well you did it, and then knowing that next time you will be determined to smash that figure out of the park. The improvements in the shape and health of my body have been phenomenal and that is always a big plus. Secondly, the people, the community here at CrossFit Dawn, like I’m sure it is across most the country, is exceptional. 9 times out of 10 the best part of my day is turning up to the box saying hi to everyone, winding up Arend, and seeing everybody just be happy.

Did you have a sporting background before? If so what? If not, what’s different about Crossfit
When I was younger I used to play semi-pro football in New Zealand. I was fit, but most definitely not strong. Cue later university years, bad habits and a lack of commitment I became super unfit. I never really enjoyed being in the gym environment so mostly I just wouldn’t go. With Crossfit, you turn up, leave all the other stuff in your life outside the door, you work out with people you start to know, you work hard for a structured amount of time and at the end you drink your water have a laugh and go home a better person.

What’s been your favourite workout / exercise so far?
Anything that involves a rowing machine! No, I love FRAN. The two movements (Thruster and Pull-ups) i literally could not do on my first attempt. The challenge to get to a place where i can own these two movements is driving me to get better, faster, stronger.

What’s surprised you about Crossfit?
Honestly, how much it has changed my life overall, for the better, in more ways than just fitness.

What do you hope to achieve with Crossfit in 2017?
By the end of 2017, I want to be efficient and have great technique with all the lifting movements and potentially be able to look at entering comps. The dream is to be able to RX the Murph workout with a good time. Not to mention that I would love to just make more new friends!

If you could give only one piece of advice to a new crossfitter what would it be?
No matter what you think about your current state of fitness and health, just turn up. It’s worth it!

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