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Yousuf Hussain

This year, I would like to kick it up a gear!

Interview with Yousuf Hussain:


Why did you join CFD?

I joined CFD because I had met a friend at university who did Crossfit. It was only until CFD opened up closer to home that I became intrigued to try it out – and I did not regret it! After my first session, I knew I had found something that not only challenged me physically and mentally but excited me with the prospect of what I could achieve over time.

Also, after leaving education I found that people became less connected and busy with their lives. CFD offered me to opportunity the continue to meet new people in the my own community. It essentially offered to make the area I live in feel more like home.

What motivates you to keep coming back?

I was never encouraged to do any sport in school, not because I didn’t want to but because I felt like I never belonged. CFD has helped build my self-esteem significantly. I’m continually encouraged by the coaches/fellow athletes to set the bar higher for myself & strive to be better. I also get to see people who look like me doing some incredible things! There are many positive role-models at CFD who inspire me on a regular basis and without them I probably would have not thought about the level I could take my weightlifting. And lastly, I meet people who I never thought I’d build great friendships with. CFD is truly an inclusive and welcoming place.

What are your fitness goals for 2020?

This year, I would like to kick it up a gear. By the end of 2020, I would like to:

1.  Split my time across weightlifting, cross fit and gymnastics more effectively
2.  Be able to do most workouts at RX level
3.  Qualify (or at least get close to qualifying) for British weightlifting champs in my weight class

Thanks for picking me as athlete of the month!

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